"It was such a joy working with you before and during our wedding. Thank you SO much for being with us during this time!"
                                         --Rebecca Sherman

Weddings & Commitment Ceremonies

The ketubah is a beautiful document stating your promises and intentions. It is witnessed and signed moments before your ceremony and can become a centerpiece of your home. Please contact Rabbi Julie if you'd like to use this ketubah.

Rabbi Julie Greenberg

"I see myself as a resource rather than as a judge. 

I welcome interfaith couples. Together we create a beautiful wedding ceremony."

Rabbi Julie has helped hundreds of couples craft wedding ceremonies that draw deeply on traditional practices while reflecting the uniqueness of each marriage. Here’s what she has to say about the exciting process of planning a wedding ceremony:

We get to know each other as I ask questions about your backgrounds, religious orientations, hopes and dreams. You’ll also have a chance to ask me about my background or about Judaism. Together we create a beautiful wedding ceremony.

We meet in my home in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, or on the internet.

During this planning process, in addition to talking about the ceremony itself, I welcome you to explore other issues such as relationships with parents, creating a home together, raising children or interfaith issues. I am trained as a Couples Counselor in addition to being a Rabbi.  I welcome “my couples” to keep working with me after the wedding to grow a healthy marriage.

I look forward to facilitating a magnificent and meaningful experience.

Many Blessings, Rabbi Julie


The Jewish Wedding Now by Anita Diamant This book is written from a somewhat liberal Jewish perspective. It includes background on Jewish customs and options and discusses the various components of a Jewish ceremony.

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr. John Gottman
This book is based on excellent scientific research about what makes marriages work. It offers many useful ideas and tools. Also check out www.gottman.com.

18 Doors for Interfaith Families
This is a website packed full of personal experiences and professional advice about interfaith relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your requirements?

My primary requirement is that we engage together in a planning process, discussing the symbols and rituals that speak to you and reflect your past, present and future. I see myself as a resource rather than as a judge. I will offer you options from the tradition and work with you to make a meaningful ceremony.

Do you do weddings before sundown on Saturday?


Do you work with interfaith couples?

Yes! For more than twenty years I’ve been a pioneer in the field of interfaith relationships and I work closely with other clergy people. I welcome interfaith couples. I am a contributor to 18Doors and other interfaith groups. I also work with many all-Jewish couples.​

Do you do weddings in a church?  

I prefer to meet on common ground.

Should the wine/grape juice that we use be kosher?  

That is up to you. Any fruit of the vine is fine whether it is purple or white.

Who provides the kiddish cup (goblet) for the wine/grape juice and the glass to break?  

You do or you make arrangements with your site to have them there.

Do we need head coverings for the men?

Again, that is up to you. This is a nice thing to offer for people who want to follow this tradition but it is not required.

Will you help us create a program if we want one?  

Yes, and I will share sample programs to inspire you. A program is optional.

After the wedding ceremony, I will stay to meet and greet people for a while but not for the extended event. I sometimes bring a family member/ friend or a rabbinical student-in-training who is “shadowing” me.