House of Study

Fees, Donations & Financial Aid

  • House of Study Year of B Mitzvah --     $1900
  • B Mitzvah Ceremony -- $1800
  • Family meetings and individual tutoring -- $180 per session
  • House of Study Class prior to the year of B Mitzvah (ten and eleven year-olds) -- $700 per semester

There is scholarship assistance for families with need. To apply for scholarship assistance, please speak with Rabbi Julie. Typically IRS tax materials are required and families are also welcome to submit a letter explaining special circumstances. It is a high priority of Rabbi Julie's to include all children who want to learn.

You can make a donation to help Jewish education be accessible to all our children. Speak to Rabbi Julie if you’d like to do this in a tax-exempt way.

All financial information is confidential.

Checks should be made out to “Rabbi Julie Greenberg.”

Rabbi Julie prepares people of all ages for B Mitzvah, tailoring studies to the individual needs of learners.

Private Tutoring & Zoom Tutoring

“…a unique religious education where children freely express their thoughts. My daughter loves to go each week.”

                         -- Pam Schick, Mother of Leah

 “…an open, creative environment where individuality is accommodated.”

                        -- Mark Wasserman,

                           Father of Jonah and Adam  

For children aged 10 – 13 in the Philadelphia area, Rabbi Julie conducts a one-room Jewish schoolhouse, in her home in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, or on Zoom, called House of Study.

House of Study was created more than twenty years ago to capture the joy of learning in Jewish community. Class is held on Sunday evenings three times a month. Together, participants create a community that offers an engaging peer group and a very personalized course of study.

Through songs, stories, lively discussion and dramatic enactment students learn Jewish values, history, traditional prayer and Torah. Younger students witness older students achieving and then eventually they become the models for new younger students; this replicates the multi-generational nature of Judaism. Rabbi Julie sometimes works with an assistant, which allows the group to break into smaller sub-groups in creative ways. Students learn a lot, have fun, and grow into a sense of Jewish mastery and meaning.

Students are prepared to be called to the Torah and to chant their Torah portions as part of their B Mitzvah ceremony. The focus is to celebrate growing up Jewish with learning designed to be meaningful and manageable for each individual.

Some children come in with minimal Jewish background and others have been in Hebrew school for years. Through the use of digital recordings and assignments tailored to each child, everyone moves at their own pace. Rabbi Julie is a master teacher with decades of experience teaching a wide range of learners

Some families hire a tutor in addition to the class, but most students are able to use the structure of the class without a tutor. Some families choose one-on-one tutoring instead of the class. Rabbi Julie accepts a few students each year for private tutoring and also selects and supervises other tutors.

Families make private arrangements for the ceremony by renting synagogue or hotel or country club space or any other suitable space. Rabbi Julie brings the Torah scroll.

“This class is so lively, personal, and participatory. My child never wants to miss it. We are so happy we found your one room schoolhouse!”               -- Amy Mendelsohn, Mother of Julian

House of Study

Rabbi Julie Greenberg

B Mitzvah Preparation

If you live at a distance and would like to study with Rabbi Julie, please be in touch about long-distance learning options, such as Zoom.